For sawmills Kiilto provides high quality cutting fluids and environmentally-friendly lubricants.

Sawmills are an important part of sustainable industry. Sawn wood is good material for different purposes for example construction, furniture and packaging industries, as well as in garden and outdoor construction. For sawmills Kiilto provides high quality cutting fluids that have a direct effect on blade life and sawing surface.

Cutting fluids

Cutting fluids main function is the cooling of the saw blade, lubrication and protection against corrosion. In addition, good durability and non-foaming are important properties.​​ One advantage is that good blade liquid prevents the resin from sticking. It also improves occupational safety and expands the potential for sawdust utilization. ​Significant quantities of cutting fluids are used by the sawmill industry and are therefore of great environmental importance.​​

Saw blade coolant: Easycool Futura

Easycool Futura lubricants are vegetable oil esters instead of mineral oil-based lubricants.​ The emulsifiers used in the products are now plant-based compounds such as rapeseed oil and tall oil derivatives.​​ The products contain polymer-based antifoaming agents instead of silicone anti-foaming agents. Easycool Futura is an environmentally-friendly option and also safe for the user. Kiilto Pro Easycool Futura lubricants are:​

  • Part of fossil-free production
  • Fewer compounds evaporate into the air​
  • Less consumption of concentrate​
  • Longer lifetime for blades​​
  • Best sawing surface