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Корпоративна відповідальність

«Коли відповідальність є невід’ємною частиною того, що ви робите, вам не потрібно підкреслювати це. Ви можете побачити і відчути це в усіх видах діяльності та взаємодії компанії, простежити за її загальним розвитком. Це велика кількість нематеріальних питань, ціле, що складається з крихітних частин». Erkki Solja, CEO, Kiilto

Віддані будівництву безпечного та більш стійкого майбутнього

Завдяки нашій відданості кожен день ми робимо відповідальний вибір. Ми віримо, що наша галузь наповнена потенціалом, коли мова йде про пошук стійких інновацій та рішень майбутнього. Рішення, які сприяють благополуччю людей і природи та впливають на створення взаємоприйнятного балансу між навколишнім середовищем і нашим суспільством.

Environmental responsibility

We have made a Promise to the Environment that is a part of our corporate culture and leads the way we think and operate on all company levels. We are driven by environmental leadership.


Social responsibility

As a workplace, Kiilto provides a safe and inspiring environment and an opportunity for continuous personal development. Motivated staff are the basis of financial success and the resulting added value shared by everyone.


Financial responsibility

Kiilto is living through a period of growth and renewal. We are investing heavily in developing our expertise and management, and in our experimental culture. Involving our staff in innovation has created new perspectives on our business in the coming years.


We have chosen environment as the core of our sustainability work and made an ambitious promise to it. Our Promise to the Environment defines us and is reflected in all the decisions we make on our way to reach the environmental leadership in our field. It is the bedrock we stand on, side by side with our customers, helping them to reduce their environmental footprint, and sharing our expertise also for others, resulting in the benefit of the whole industry.

Our Promise to the Environment consists of four different sectors that cover all our operations:

By accomplishing tangible actions that benefit the environment, we are creating a network of professionals from four different business areas, resulting in a powerful drive for change. In addition, we influence in decision making in many sectors. By reclaiming Our Promise to the Environment, we also support other parts of our corporate responsibility as the state of the environment effects ever increasingly on all the levels of society.

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Committed to shared goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), adopted at the United Nation’s summit 2015, are the 17 global goals to end poverty,
protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Kiilto is also contributing to SDG’s and we have identified the following SDG’s to be the most critical ones for our operations:

  • SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
  • SDG 13 Climate Action

Lets make the better tomorrow together

Together we can do more and find better solutions for more sustainable tomorrow. That is why we are keen to work closely with universities, research institutions and other companies. Cooperation enables us all to combine the latest innovations, years of experience and knowledge and the top-level expertice in different fields.

We are also happy to share our knowledge and best practises about how to build more sustainable industry. If you need a key note speaker or a panelists to your event, we have several experts that can provide state-of-art insight and inspirational examples about the topic.

Raija Polvinen
RDI Director
Eeva Solja
Brand and Communications Director
Oili Kallatsa
RDI Director, Professional Hygiene

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