Hygienic wet rooms

When cleaning wet rooms it is important to work aseptically and use products that are specifically developed for wetrooms.

Wet rooms are cleaned daily to keep them hygienic and to ensure a comfortable visit. In cleaning of the wetrooms it is important to work aseptically, start from the cleanest surfaces and move the way up to the dirtiest ones. Use products that are specifically developed for wetrooms and that effectively remove also greasy dirt and prevent limescale deposits from adhering to surfaces.

Five steps towards hygienic wet rooms

  1. Refill paper products and soap.
  2. Empty the trash.
  3. Clean aseptically: start from the cleaner surfaces into dirtier ones, move from top to down and from light switches to furniture.
  4. Clean and wash the floor.
  5. And above all: remember good ergonomics and safety all the time!

Best tips for hygienic wet rooms

A final touch for a hygienic and comfortable wet room is to polish the mirrors! Kiilto Window is ready-to-use and environmentally friendly. It makes cleaning the mirrors easy and ensures a perfect end-result.