Hygienic spas and swimming pools

Spas and swimming pools are wet areas that have special needs when it comes to cleaning.

Hygienic spas and swimming pools are safe and increase customer satisfaction. They are safer to visit also for the staff.

Spas and swimming pools are considered as high hygiene facilities. This means for example that quality standards have been set for the purity of the pool water, and authorities regularly sample the water.

It’s important to guide and educate staff about the special needs in wet area cleaning. The hygiene and safety of the pool and washing facilities, saunas and dressing rooms is supervised through self-monitoring. If the surfaces are not properly cleaned, the number of microbes quickly increases to a harmful level in the warm, humid environment. Large numbers of customers increase the amount of dirt in the humid facilities and the conditions make it easier for dirt to adhere to surfaces.

Kiilto Spa and Swimming Hall Concept

The cleaning of these facilities emphasizes the selection and correct use of cleaning agents as well as efficient tools and machines for mechanical cleaning. Work should be planned and follow aseptic rules of procedure. The cleanliness of the surfaces must be ensured by planned and regular self-monitoring. ​

The detergents in the Kiilto Spa and Swimming Hall Concept guarantee the high level of hygiene required by the facilities.

  • They have a high capacity for removing dirt and deposits.
  • They contain the optimal dosage. The dosage means that all the detergents can foam properly, allowing it to rest longer on the surfaces for the best effect.
  • Kiilto detergents combined with excellent mechanics ensure the required level of cleanliness.