Hand hygiene solutions for professional cleaning

Everything starts with clean hands. Good hand hygiene is an integral part of professional skills.

Personal hygiene solutions for the needs in professional cleaning

Good hand hygiene is a part of professional cleaning routines. A clean result is achieved only with clean and safe hands. Good hand hygiene consists of washing hands with water and soap, using a hand disinfectant when needed and taking good care of the skin.

Wash your hands always when coming to work and after visiting the toilet. Pay attention to hand hygiene also when moving from one work phase to another and especially when moving from dirtier cleaning area to a cleaner one.

Touch clean laundry only with clean and disinfected hands. You can also use disposable protective gloves. Note that disposable, protective gloves are mandatory always when handling dirty laundry. Take off used protective gloves correctly. Wash your hands always with warm water and soap. Dry your hands well and remember to use a moisturizing hand cream.

Hand disinfection

Especially during epidemics it’s important to pay attention to good hand hygiene and correct hygiene habits. If there is no possibility to wash hands, using hand disinfectant is a good way to ensure good hand hygiene. Rub the disinfectant into hands until they are completely dry. In hand disinfection it’s important to remember take enough time – hands are disinfected only when the disinfectant is completely dry.

Taking care of skin

After handwash it is good to remember to moisturize the skin, especially if hands are washed often or the skin is already dry. The most important feature of a cream is the availability to protect and moisture the skin. Taking care of skin and using creams often also prevents from other skin related problems.

Washing protective gloves

Gloves are usually washed from the outside with mild hand soap or with neutral or weakly alkaline detergent before removing them. Take the gloves off by pulling the glove upside down. Washing inside the glove is recommended only with a mild soap, followed by a good washing with water and careful drying prior to re-introduction. The gloves are left to air dry inside out.