Hygiene at gyms and sport facilities

Good hygiene is a part of safe exercising. It's important to pay attention to the cleanliness and also remind customers to take care of their hand hygiene and to clean equipment after use.

Hygiene and cleanliness are important for safe exercising and sports. Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the premises, and customers must be asked to take care of both hand hygiene and cleaning of the equipment they use.

A lot of people are using gyms and sport facilities. Hygiene and cleanliness of the premises is important to make exercising safe. We have compiled comprehensive guidelines for cleaning gyms and sports centers, taking into account lobby areas, toilets, the gym facilities and equipment, as well as instructions for gym users. Our experts recommend that disposable disinfecting towels be made available in gyms, allowing customers to quickly and easily disinfect not only the equipment they use but also their personal belongings. An easy solution for this is the One System Basic towel pack. Only disinfectant (e.g. Easydes) is added to the pack and you have 120 ready-to-use disinfectant towels that are usable for up to one month.

Hygiene in lobby areas

  1. Contact surfaces, i.e. door handles and door frames, surfaces and edges of fixtures and payment terminals and sign-in devices are cleaned with disinfecting Easydes Spray.
  2. Handbasins should be both cleaned and disinfected.
  3. Wipe other surfaces clean.
  4. Floors are cleaned by machine or manually.

Toilet hygiene and cleaning

  1. The contact surfaces of toilet facilities must be cleaned and disinfected.
  2. Toilet fixtures should be cleaned and disinfected.
  3. Flat surfaces are also cleaned and disinfected.
  4. Floors are cleaned with a Click’M C microfibre mop.

Gym cleaning and hygiene

  1. Contact surfaces in the gym are cleaned and disinfected, as are the contact surfaces in the gym lobby. Other surfaces and floors are also cleaned in the same way as the lobby.
  2. Gym equipment is cleaned and disinfected.

Hygiene instructions for gym users

  1. Wipe the contact surfaces of gym machines and equipment after use with disinfecting towels made available in the gym.
  2. Gym users should also disinfect their own equipment, such as water bottles, phones and headphones.
  3. Remember good hand hygiene at the gym also. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when entering and leaving the gym. Use hand rub when switching from one machine or piece of equipment to another. If your hands dry easily, use a hand cream that keeps the skin healthy and thus keeps germs away.