Cleaning instructions for Flotex surfaces

Maintenance of Flotex flooring is easy when cleaning is done regularly.

The instructions have been made in co-operation with Travico Ltd., the importer of Flotex and KiiltoClean Ltd.

Regular cleaning ensures the durability and suitability of the material in its intended use. With these instructions, this is a given.

Maintenance cleaning: Regular vacuuming with Lindhaus LS50 Hybrid upright vacuum cleaner.

Periodical cleaning: Wash the surface with Lindhaus LW46 Hybrid Dual Core scrubber dryer i.e. every two weeks or when necessary and when the maintenance cleaning has been done with LS50 Hybrid. Use Kiilto Unidrop (dosage 0,2 ml/1l of water).

Basic cleaning: When necessary, clean the surfaces with Cleanfix TW 300 S or TW 412 spray-extractor and Kiilto Unidrop (dosage 0,2 ml/1 l of water). Raise the dosage of Kiilto Unidrop if needed.

Stain removal:

  • Single coffee etc. stains: remove with moist microfiber cloth. Use Lindhaus Hybrid LW46 Dual Core if there are multiple stains and they are fresh.
  • Dried and attached stains: Moisten the stain, peel off the loosening dirt ad vacuum when dry. Alternatively use Cleanfix TW 300 S or TW 412 spray-extractor.
  • Bubblegum: use Cleanfix DS 8 or IPC SG-30 steam generator or freeze the bubblegum with Freeze -55°C cold spray and remove it from the surface.