Слаболужні вирівнюючі суміші та штукатурки

Developed in line with the recommendations of professional builders

We develop and make Kiilto dry-mix products at our own plant in Lempäälä. Product development is based on the requests of professionals and user experiences on site. We have a wide range of products, from cast materials and levelling compounds to renovation plasters. Choosing a product is easy once the required standards, the installer’s requests regarding product features, and technique-related requirements are known.

In its levelling compounds for floors, Kiilto has used its own adhesive system, based on around 20 years of applying high-alumina cement, to achieve faster hardening and lower alkali. Kiilto’s own and international research have shown that a lower-alkali layer of levelling can help to prevent damage, caused by excess moisture, to plastic coatings and mat adhesives. Excessive moisture, as well as alkali, can have a major damaging effect on plastic coatings. The substrate’s moisture level is a key factor in terms of indoor air problems caused by plastic coatings. Kiilto follows responsible practices when testing and declaring drying times. Some of its levelling compounds are so-called self-drying compounds, in which a quantity of water defined in the instructions is chemically bound as it dries, between even watertight surfaces.

Extract from blog by Pertti Lindberg, Product Development Manager at Kiilto Oy:

”Concrete has a high pH (>12.5), also known as alkaline moisture, which has been proven to cause decomposition in the adhesive and surface material of flooring. Due to this decomposition process, 2-ethylhexanol, butanol and other compounds are emitted into indoor air. Properties that contribute to the emission level include the composition of the products used and the aggressiveness of the substrate—in other words, the joint effect of alkalinity and moisture.”

So, all Kiilto levelling compounds can be used in locations where it is hoped that they will lower the combined effect of the concrete substrate’s alkalinity and moisture on surface structures. Select a suitable levelling compound for the location, in line with the standards, working methods and schedule in question.

In our product development, we also take broad account of standards requiring low dust levels at construction sites and other locations where our products are used. A dust-free alternative is available for many of our products.