Even weeks’ timesaving with KiiltoPro rapid wet room system

Fast track pipe renovations and the amount of time spent in bathroom renovations have received a lot of media attention this year in construction. What comes to the duration of a bathroom renovation process, products and working methods play a key role. KiiltoPro rapid wet room system brings significant timesavings in the construction of a wet room.

The products of the system are designed to meet the needs of professional builders and renovators. However, the one who benefits from the system most is the tenant, since the bathroom is ready for use days, even weeks faster than if renovated with conventional methods. Whether renovating a single bathroom or pipelines of an entire apartment bock, it is crucial to choose the correct solutions to ensure a painless project for the tenant and a good result.

Rapid products, working methods and systems

Kiilto's continuous dialogue with contractors and wet room professionals have produced a plenty of valuable and topical knowledge on what's going on in the market and what are the actual needs in the field. To meet the needs of the wet room construction today and in the future, Kiilto has invested in its dry mix product range.

“Minimising the downtime has become one of the main criteria for choosing the construction company and the product system. “Downtime is the time when the tenant cannot use her/his bathroom”, tells Key Customer Manager Anssi Rajanen, Kiilto Oy’s construction business.

Not only fast drying, special products, Kiilto has developed new working methods, tools and systems to maximise timesaving. The latest development is KiiltoPro Pikamärkätilajärjestelmä, which considerably saves time in the wet room construction.

Comprehensive approach is a clear advantage to the tenant

One of the reasons why KiiltoPro rapid wet room system is so fast is that the waterproofing membrane can be applied with a sprayer, and sprayed membrane dries fast and the surfaces are ready to be tiled even as soon as after one hour. The thickness of the finished Kiilto KeraPro wateproofing membrane layer can be measured with ultrasound equipment, which means that the surface of the membrane remains intact and the work can proceed immediately.

You can recognise KiiltoPro rapid wet room system from Kiilto Rapid System -logo. Kiilto Rapid System is a comprehensive approach to bathroom renovation and aims to minimise the downtime. The system is a combination of new waterproofing methods, compatible Kiilto waterproofing products and rapid wet room products.

For more information on Kiilto KeraPro Pikavedeneriste waterproofing membrane, which is part of the KiiltoPro rapid wet room system, go to: www.kiiltokerapro.fi

Kiilto's rapid and comprehensive wet room solution brings clear benefits for the tenant.

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